An app everyone should have... This app provides clear, set-by-step instructions for helping victims [in an emergency]. It even includes voice instructions so you can use your hands and eyes for the injured party and not your phone. ... I find the ifirstaid app a fantastic referenc to have, just in case. I hope I never have to use it.

SMH Review of ifirstaid.com While there is no substitute for decent first-aid training, this information-packed app ifirstaid.com might just get you out of a tight spot when you are away from home and have to rely on your own resources to help yourself or someone else. – Sydney Morning Herald, 5 January 2012.

Awesome! It's about time someone did this. Great job. Looking forward to the next in the series.

This rocks! It helps to know this stuff for jobs and to, well, save lives. Simple isn't bad for this app. Besides, it's a first aid guide not medical school.

Precautions! Great idea for babysitters! You know how those terrible twos are! This is definitely info you want close by...Just in case.

Good quick reference! Not a bad app for a quick reference. I mainly downloaded it for CPR.

Very useful!
Very useful if you are completely clueless or need reassurance.

Good basic everything! Am an RN and this is good, basic and free [lite version only].

Good! Nice basic informative app that tells users what to do in an emergency situation. Can be a great app for young people or anybody who is unfamiliar with first aid techniques. Allows them to learn from and use on the fly in case something happens.

Good idea! I haven't used it yet but from useful pictures it looks like it could be a real help and come in handy!

Great! I downloaded this app because I wanted a quick cheat sheet to use if I ever needed to give CPR... As a quick reference for emergencies it's perfect.

Great product! As an emergency nurse I can really appreciate a product like this. Having a civilian perform CPR or use and AED on scene can be the difference between life and death. It is definitely great for someone to have. Thanks for creating a potentially life-saving product.

Glad they have it! I think it is great that someone finally came out with this. If everyone with an iPod touch or iPhone got this, people would actually know what to do in an emergency. It doesn't take up a lot of memory in your iphone so it's better safe than sorry. Plus what if it was you that needed help and the the other person didn't know what to do?

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