Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices is iFirstAid available on?

iFirstAid is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires Software Update 2.0 or greater.

Is iFirstAid available for my location / country?

iFirstAid is currently available in English and has first aid content localized for USA, Europe and Australia. It has “touch to call” for the emergency numbers in over 80 countries, including all of the countries where the Apple iPhone is sold. Important Note: This app is not available for download in the UK. Instead, please search for our UK specific app “FirstAid Emergency Handbook”

Can I access the iFirstAid content when my iPhone is out of service range?

Yes! iFirstAid stores all of the First Aid information and procedures locally on your iPhone.

What is the 112 number?

112 is actually the international mobile phone emergency phone number. It is re-routed to national or local emergency call centers around the world. Don’t worry, it’s not ‘wrong’.

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